Design thinking has seen increasing popularity for a while, not only in San Francisco, where there are many liberal tech startup companies, but even in Japan, where many of my clients are located, and which has a more conservative business style. Design thinking is becoming accepted as a viable business tool. I am now working in the design field in Amsterdam.

People know the concept and value of design thinking; however, it is often difficult to explain the value of qualitative user research to upper management.

The advent of a completely unknown virus has left people all over the world at a standstill, with the economy stagnant with no way of predicting what will happen months or weeks, let alone years, down the road. The current situation has come to be called “The Great Pause” in the West.

There are probably many people who are bewildered by the unprecedented situation and anxious about their future work and life. On the other hand, the positive aspects of the pause in people’s economic activity, such as improved environmental problems and a noticeable decrease in traffic congestion and accidents…

What do you do for a living? ーSometimes people ask me this question and I stammer, not because I work in the States unlawfully of course, but because it is difficult to make people imagine what I do in one word.

So… my title is Innovation Facilitator (sounds fancy, isn’t it??). At the company I am employed, I have been supporting corporations (mainly Japanese) to develop their new service based on the idea of design thinking and UX. I think my work is a mixture of being a facilitator and a Design Thinking consultant. …

Yu Namie

Visionary service design facilitator who believes in the power of collaborative discussion. Passionate about creating a positive shift in society.

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