Design thinking has seen increasing popularity for a while, not only in San Francisco, where there are many liberal tech startup companies, but even in Japan, where many of my clients are located, and which has a more conservative business style. Design thinking is becoming accepted as a viable business tool. I am now working in the design field in Amsterdam.

People know the concept and value of design thinking; however, it is often difficult to explain the value of qualitative user research to upper management.

What do you do for a living? ーSometimes people ask me this question and I stammer, not because I work in the States unlawfully of course, but because it is difficult to make people imagine what I do in one word.

So… my title is Innovation Facilitator (sounds fancy, isn’t it??). At the company I am employed, I have been supporting corporations (mainly Japanese) to develop their new service based on the idea of design thinking and UX. I think my work is a mixture of being a facilitator and a Design Thinking consultant. …

Yu Namie

Visionary service design facilitator who believes in the power of collaborative discussion. Passionate about creating a positive shift in society.

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