• George Cohta

    George Cohta

    iglobe Inc. President and CEO/デジタル・キュレーター、ソーシャルメディア・コンシェルジュ、コミュニケーション・デザイナー、ゲーミフィケーション・エヴンジェリスト/Digital Curator, Social media Concierge, Gamification Evangelist

  • Creativo Design

    Creativo Design

    A boutique management consulting firm using a wholistic, inclusive design thinking method to bring about social impact.

  • Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

    Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

    Design leader at BCG Digital Ventures. Personal reflections on design, business, and leadership from a decade of start-up building. Views are my own.

  • Anna


  • Andrew Mares

    Andrew Mares

  • Ryoko Baba

    Ryoko Baba

    MA Service Design

  • Seymor Maninski

    Seymor Maninski

  • Kwang Jae Kim

    Kwang Jae Kim

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